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Kaj, official representative of KDX company

290 mm
Minimum paper size: 320*

1650, 1450, 1220, 910
Maximum paper size: 1050*

This device is one of the most advanced kdx laminate devices, which therefore has a significant price.

There is also another type of this type of device, the main difference of which is the type mentioned in

The size of the paper and vice versa is the size of the machine itself.
1100-KS device:
The thermal cellophane device that is equipped with thermal cutting. This device is also one of the devices

It is the new generation KDX and is equipped with advanced equipment.
Maximum speed: 50-80 min/min

800 mm
Maximum paper size: 1100*

Minimum paper size: 430*

800-KS device:
It is one of the new and best-selling KDX devices in China and abroad, which is well received

It is good.
This welcome can be due to the reasonable price of this device compared to the high efficiency and small difference

It is with its higher models.
Maximum paper size: 800*

290 mm
Minimum paper size: 290*

Maximum speed: min/50m

The remarkable thing about this device is the optionality of “thermal cutting” and “electric roller”.

“magnetic” in the machine. If there is thermal cutting, the machine is able to cut PET film and
There are other types.
Also, the 540-KS model is a smaller model of the same device.

It should be mentioned that all the devices include significant features that in the case